Some Psychology


Most techniques are too complicated and individualized to put on the internet. But... some are not.

"Focusing" allows you to explore and understand your thoughts and feelings. It is useful for everyone to learn and use; it is important to effective thinking and mental health.


Some simple, safe, and probably effective cures. (found only here)


Some original essays and other websites you might find of interest.
  • Accepting Children (and Everyone Else)
  • Flowing. You cannot perform your best at a sport, craft, art – or daily life – unless you learn to flow.
  • Satyagraha Satyagraha is what Gandhi and Martin Luther King used. You should use it too. Theory and better "how to" instructions.
  • Teaching Math How to teach math in a way that is effective (and interesting and important). Based on experience and a theory of different types of knowledge.
  • Parenting How to teach things like sharing. Hint: Don't use praise or force your children to share.
  • Creative Edge Focusing. Using Focusing in daily life, including being more creative, a better problem-solver, and a better listener. (by Dr. Kathy McGuire)


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